Dyslexia Program
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The 3D Learner QuickTest

This test is designed to see if your child might be a visual-experiential learner - one who learns best when they see and experience information and also to see if they may be experiencing vision or attention issues. 

We then provide a feedback report and other free information that will give you more insight into why your smart child is struggling and how you can help. 

We offer a Free 10 minute Phone Consult after you have completed the assessment you can have by calling us at 1-561-361-7495. 

Check the box next to each statement you agree with:

My child is able to remember things that happened long ago.

Once my child visits a place, they will remember it in detail.

My child has a difficult time following directions

My child has a difficult time copying material from the chalk/white board.

My child has a difficult time paying attention in the classroom.

When my child is interested in something they can focus on it for a long time.

My child is behind in reading

 In order to give us a better sense of what your needs are, please indicate below what your GREATEST concerns are at the moment.

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